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Pokemon Platinum updates


 Updates: I have found some updates on platinum for all across Europe from June 8th you will have access to the secret key to unlock all of rotoms formes it wasn't too long after the USA event passed by so please enjoy the secret key while you can this will be the only event for Europe i bet so hurry while it lasts!

Pokemon Platinum will be released on march 22nd north America except new york for them they get it on the 21st of march Europe gets it on the 22nd of may Australia the 15th there are many new features in the game so don't miss out on this brand new game

 Secret Key the Secret key will be released in north America at Toys'R'us starting from April 19th until April 26th so don't miss out but if you do miss the event you can download the secret key wireless by Nintendo wi-fi connection from April 20th until May 12th when you receive the secret key head to Eterna city go into the galactic HQ and stay on the first floor head west then north and just press a when u get to the top of the first floor.

 Shaymin/Darkrai Event the Darkria and Shaymin event should not be too far away for pokemon diamond,pearl and platinum versions to download from Nintendo wi-fi connection which will allow you to go to new moon island and capture a lv 40 Darkrai and Flower paradise for a lv 30 Shaymin come back soon to check for updates on the release date.

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